• Amuse town
    게임, 액션게임, 음악게임, 롤플레잉게임
    2,220 2,228,751
    노량진 어뮤즈타운 스트리밍 채널입니다. beatmania IIDX,DDR,EZ2AC, Pump It Up, 태고의달인, popn music, SDVX 당일 스트리밍 녹화영상은 자동 업로드 됩니다. This is Amusetown Gamecenter's stream in Seoul,Korea. Player often doesn’t see your chat and may not be able to respond a request.(They are not obligated to accept the request because they spend their money.) 韓国ソウルのAmusetownゲームセンター実況中継チャンネルです。 beatmaniaIIDX、DDR、EZ2AC, PIU, SDVX, Pop’n music, 太鼓の達人を実況中継します
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2020-07-13 2,220 10 222.9만 1.4만